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5W About Road Trip Safety

Oct 15, 2019, 9:02 am / Richard

Many people go for road trips to clear their head from all the tensions and spend some quality time with family. It is the perfect way to bond as well. If you are planning on a road trip, it will involve a lot of driving. This becomes a little tedious at times. It is important to be alert and awake. There should also be some safety tips that you should keep in mind before heading out on your journey. Here are a few road trip safety tips that you should follow.

What you should plan before setting off?

  1. Route- Spontaneous plans may sound like a good idea otherwise but it is not a very good option when planning a road trip. You should be clear of the route, especially if you are heading to unknown territories. Google Maps is truly a lot of help but always keep a map handy. You may also ask others who have taken the same route before.
  2. Accommodation- In case the road trip is too long, you should always plan a halt somewhere in between. The accommodation should be something that you should arrange prior to heading out. A place to rest is very reassuring as well.
  3. Luggage- Make sure you do not move around with a lot of luggage when going on a road trip. You should only pack the stuff which is absolutely required. Always keep some food and medical kit handy in your belongings.
  4. Entertainment- There will come a point when you will run out of topics to talk to each other or might get tired. Sometimes, you may have to drive through the night. You should have your dose of entertainment with you, in the form of music or some game which you can play without getting too involved in it.

What driving assistant do you need to install?

  1. GPS- When you are heading for a road trip to a place where you have never been before, the navigation system will definitely act as a boon. It tracks the roads through satellites and gives you an idea about the direction and you can drive correctly.
  2. Car night vision device- Vision is a major problem especially when driving at night or in inclement weather. If you cannot see properly, driving is dangerous. Lanmodo Vast night vision camera is the best external night vision system available in the market these days. These camera is fixed to the car and has the ability to capture clear images even in limited lighting. These high-contrast images get displayed on a high-definition screen. Thus, you can see an obstacle from far and avoid it according to convenience.
  3. Blindspot warning- You cannot see the back and the sides of the car properly, especially when you are reversing, something that you might have to do during road trips. This device acts with the help of sensors and starts giving warning signs if your car is dangerously close to something else and is about to crash in it.
  4. Automatic high beam- This is a big problem while driving for long periods. The high beam comes and hits your eye and almost blinds you. The same happens when you have high beam and a vehicle is coming from the opposite side. The purpose is to use it in country roads and when there is no traffic. An automatic high beam can switch between high and low beams according to the traffic and it is extremely convenient for driving safety.

What are the biggest dangers on the road?

  1. Being distracted- The biggest and the most fatal mistake that you can make on a road trip is to be distracted by a conversation or some activities, especially with kids at the back. Always be attentive and keep an eye on the road.
  2. Eating while driving- You might think that it will save a lot of time as you will otherwise have to stop and eat somewhere but the dangers associated with it does not make it worth it.
  3. Not sitting in a proper position- Your car safety system is designed to work properly only when you are seated in the correct way. In case you lie down or sit with your feet up, in case of any accidents, it is going to be more fatal.
  4. Driving when drowsy- If you feel drowsy when driving, take a break, stop at the side, take a quick nap. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous for everyone in the car.

What skills should we learn before setting out on a lengthy road trip?

Some do-it-yourself tricks about cars should be learned before heading out for the road trip. You should learn how to check the air pressure in the tires and fill them if it is less. Changing the tire might be necessary, so learn that as well. You should also be able to check the windshield wiper and how to change the oil for the same purpose. These are a few skills that are an absolute must for not much inconvenience later.

What can you do when there is a break down on the road?

First of all, remain calm. You must have been prepared for a breakdown, it is time to implement hour skills. If it is too complicated, ask for help from passersby but be very careful when sharing your details with someone. You are sure to get help some way or the other soon.

Follow these tips closely and you are sure to have a safe and memorable road trip.

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