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10 Wonderful Things to Do with Your Kids in Summer

Jul 23, 2019, 9:10 am / Lara

Have you already made a plan of how to spend summer vacations with your family or still thinking about it? As you know, summer is on its way. It is quite difficult to choose how, where, and when you should go for your summer vacation, but we have made a list for you: here are some things that kids will love to do with their parents.

1. Explore a botanical garden

Let your kids to see and feel the nature. Botanical garden is the best place where your children will have the chance to see different kinds of plants and get knowledge of botanical species, its beautiful view will amaze your kids. Besides, botanical garden is a cool place in summer.

2. Step inside the museums

Your kids love adventure..? Many kids love to visit museum as they want to feel adventure. Museum is the place where you and your kids can have adventurer moments by viewing those exhibits with a long history.

3. Going out for a picnic

Going out for a picnic with kids is a best way to spend some time with children in summer, it's the family time that can bond each other together. But you don't want to endure the summer heat? Don't worry, Lanmodo is going to help you to make your moment more memorable by protecting you from sunlight.

Lanmodo car umbrella is originally made for car protection, but with an adjustable stand, it also acts as a sunshade umbrella. It will block the dangerous rays of the sun and protect your family, just enjoy the wonderful summer day!

4. Do yard work together

The grass grow quickly in spring and mow the lawn is a must. Just ask your kids for help, and doing things like cutting grass, watering flower and setting up tables for afternoon tea. All those things will give them achievement and also joy.

5. Make ice cream

Kids love eating ice cream, in fact, it is almost everyone's favorite. Making ice cream with your kids is good way to have some fun in summer vacation, isn't it wonderful to taste delicious ice cream made by yourself?

6. Visit an amusement park or water park

Visiting an amusement park/ water park is also a good way to have fun with your family during summer vacations. Don't forget to get all necessary things with you, including towel, sun scream and swim suit. But also don't forget safety.

7. Prepare a tea party

Tea parties became a popular social event in the early 1800s, though there are signs of tea parties occurring earlier. Nowadays tea parties are thought to be very enjoyable. Tea is, of course, necessary for tea parties, but often small snacks are served as well. There are several types of tea parties you can have.

8. Set up a lemonade stand

Set up a lemonade stand: make lemonade juice and sell it in your colony with the help of your kids. Your kids will be your voice. The will help you to call more people.You can set up a simple stand with Lanmodo car shade easily.

9. Visit local farmers market

Children live in cities have little chance to recognize vegetables and farm animals, so it's also a good way to spend summer vacations by visiting local farmers market. There your kids will learn a lot new things and about farming. Besides, you can take home the home-grown fruits and vegetables that pack a healthy punch of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

10. Don't forget a beach day

There is nothing greater than the summer months to hit the beach and enjoy the beautiful sands, warm water and everything associated with being out in the sea. A beach umbrella is necessary. Some types of beach umbrellas is complicated to set up, while Lanmodo beach umbrella is portable and very convenient to install and there is no possibility of it being flown away. It also has UV protection, making it safe for kids and small babies to be brought to the beach. This type of convenience is not easy to find with other beach umbrellas. Its overall quality makes it an appropriate choice for frequent beach goers.

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