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What distinguishes Lanmodo beach umbrella from others

Aug 5, 2019, 9:14 am / Brian Lageose

While searching for a beach umbrella, you will be dazzled at the amount of variety available in the market. Each one seems better than the other. But what grabs your attention is the Lanmodo beach umbrella. Why is it so? What is so distinct about this umbrella?

Let's find out below. Lanmodo beach umbrella is packed with amazing features and is multipurpose. Let us dive deep and get to know the features that distinguish it from all the other products in the market.

1. Automatic Open and Close

Oh yes, you read that right. The Lanmodo beach umbrella is equipped with automatic open and close feature. You can automatically close it and unfold it with a one-touch wireless remote. It takes as little as 8 seconds for the umbrella to open and the entire umbrella is installed in just 30 seconds. Now that's something very impressive, isn't it?

2. Easy to Install

Setting up the Lanmodo beach umbrella is a very simple and hassle-free process. Start by fixing the stand on the ground. Adjust the screw of the tripod base till it is stable enough. Next, you need to install the stand tray on top of the stand. Now put the car tent base on the stand tray and fix it using screws.

The umbrella can be made sturdier with the help of 4 pull ropes and tent pegs. The Lanmodo beach umbrella is easily installed in a few steps. The tripod has an adjustable height. So, you can increase or decrease it as you like.

3. Spacious and Portable

The beach umbrella from Lanmodo is pretty spacious and is capable of accommodating 7 people at a time. So, the next time you plan to go on a family picnic, don't forget to include the beach umbrella. You can have a wonderful time under the shed of the umbrella with your family and friends. The best part is that this product is foldable, and can go around with you to beaches, family outings, camping or watching a movie under the stars too.

4. Multiple Use

Talking about the most distinct feature of this beach umbrella with stand is its multipurpose use. Did you know that when you are not using it as a beach umbrella, this product can be used as a car tent also. Yes, that's right!
Say goodbye to falling leaves, snow, rain and bird droppings on your car with this beach umbrella cum tent. The tent has adjustable windproof straps that keep it secure. With this product as a car tent, you can protect your loved ones and your car from harmful UV rays because it helps to reduce the car temperature by up to 36 degrees.

You can carry the beach umbrella in your yard for your evening coffee. Or use it to enhance your spring outdoor activities with your family. You may also opt to use it while you decide to go fishing. The Lanmodo beach umbrella can be used in a number of ways and this is the best part about the product.

So, if you decide to go for an outing with a beach umbrella, you might as well consider taking along Lanmodo Barra, a multipurpose beach blanket which can add joy to your outing. With this product, your beach outing is sure to be fun and comfortable. It is a product which can be used to hold things like books, bottles, and tissues. And at the same time, you can also use it as a blanket at the beach very conveniently. It comes with adjustable ropes and can be used as you like. And if you do for hiking then this product comes handy. It is designed to suit the fashion needs and can be used in all season.

With the Lanmodo beach umbrella above and Lanmodo Barra, your beach time is surely going to be a very wonderful one.

5. USB Port

The Lanmodo beach umbrella with stand comes with a USB port as a power source. This allows you to charge your devices or even plug-in LED lights. Thus, giving you the convenience of using the beach umbrella at nights too. Thinking about a night party with friends? Lanmodo beach umbrella is all that you need.

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