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Summer Holidays: Are You Ready to Go to the Beaches?

Sep 16, 2020, 10:13 am / Richard

Long summer days are in full swing but due to the current state of the world, we haven't been able to plan the perfect vacation. You have wasted some of the most precious time but not anymore. It's high-time you pack your beach essentials and leave behind the worries of the world to have the best summertime.

Though there are many exciting things to do in Europe but we all know there is no holiday like a beach holiday. So all you late planners who are still not sure about how and where to spend these last summer days, this article is just for you. With the help of multiple travel blogs, we have come up with some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe for you to visit this summer.


San Sebastián is one of the finest beaches you'll find in Europe. With the beautiful golden sand and sweeping views of the bay, this beach is nothing less than a natural paradise. Also, if you are looking for more than typical beach vacation then there are plenty of other adventurous things you can do at San Sebastián too and also easily find hotels near the area for your convenience.


The Algarve region is quite famous among tourists because of its beautiful coastline. Color cliffs and crystal clear blue water make it a great place to just lie down and soak in the beautiful view. If you enjoy watching scenery then Algarve is just the right place for you.


No matter if you're traveling with children or just your better-half, Sainte-Maxime has something for all of you. The children can enjoy amazing water activities at water sports centre while you can enjoy the the incredible sunset while sipping on a beer or mojito.


The beaches in Santorini are very much different than other beaches of Greece mainly because of their picturesque surroundings. The volcanic red and black pebbles around the shores, black sand, and cliffs give it a unique yet mesmerising look.


Besides the historical heritage, Dubrovnik has a lot more to offer. With turquoise water, white soft sand, amazing seafood and the friendliest people around the beach makes it a worth visiting place this summer. Here you can relax during the day and party at night.


Malta is famous for having the cleanest bathing water in the entire Europe. The beaches here offer plenty of amenities for families. In fact some of the beaches on Maltese island are quite popular when it comes to barbecue. You can enjoy food while admiring the beautiful sunset on these breathtaking beaches.


Apart from being a fascinating medieval city rich in history, Bonifacio is famous for having several small and large beaches. Though most of the beaches here are hard to reach but once you get there you will immediately fall in love with this city. The transparent water and fine sand of Bonifacio will welcome you in silence and give the utmost peace that you have been looking for.


Though beaches are the perfect way of spending your dull summer vacation but before heading out make sure you have all the beach essentials in your backpack. To help you guys out, we have made a complete beach packing list.
  1. Portable outdoor umbrella

Even though most of enjoy getting tanned on the beach. But what if it's gets too sunny and you want to shield yourself and your kids? Lanmodo outdoor umbrella is perfect shade for your outdoor adventures. It's unique design not only covers your car completely but it can also be transformed into a huge picnic umbrella. Moreover, you can easily set it up, with the help of remote, in just 30 seconds. This umbrella has a easy folding technology and fits easily in the trunk of your car.

  1. Beach blanket

Pack a lightweight beach blanket which doesn't take whole lot of space. Mats made with parachute material are best because they dry quickly and folds up compactly.

  1. Bathing suit, beach towel

No beach vacation is complete without a bathing suit and if you're planning to go swimming then a beach towel is a must. Make sure to pack extra beach towels if you're travelling with the kids.

  1. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat

No matter how much you love summer but the scorching sun is not your friend. Your beach bag must have a reef safe sunscreen which you can reapply often. Even add a SPF lip balm to, hat and sunglasses for the extra sun protection.

  1. Camera, books

Who doesn't like to take pictures on the beach and upload it on Instagram? And if you want underwater then a waterproof camera is a must for you. Also, we all know beaches are the perfect place to catch up on some reading so don't forget to keep your favourite book in your bag.

Just remember, beach is always about relaxation and having fun so you can always customised the packing list as per your needs and duration of the stay. We just hope you have an amazing time on your beach getaway.

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