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5 Cool Car Gadgets For A Comfortable Summer Driving

Jul 31, 2020, 9:35 am / Evelyn Smith

Summers are a time of joy and vacation for many people. Drives to the beach, camping, and road trips are common in this season. However, these happy and memorable sunny days can be rough for you and your car as well. The continuous exposure to harmful UV rays and harsh heat waves can become a problem for the car owners. The blazing sunlight can cause severe skin damage. Not only this but under these circumstances, the car's glory is also compromised, which will eventually affect its worthiness. Nevertheless, there are multiple car gadgets available in the market to help you out in these crucial times. If the car owners invest in the correct gadget then they can minimize the effects of heat damage. Some of the cool gadgets to make your summer driving adventures comfortable and enjoyable are:

  1. Lanmodo Car Umbrella

Sometimes the glaring sunlight can be unpleasant. And according to dermatologists, our exposure to sunlight must be limited. But realistically speaking, it is quite impossible to avoid the sun completely, especially when we are planning road trips. Therefore, in such circumstances, there is nothing better than sitting under a soothing shade on a hot sunny day. Don't worry, Lanmodo has got you covered.

The multipurpose car umbrella from Lanmodo not only protects the car from unpredictable weather conditions but also prevents the hot sunshine directly entering into your car. It has a two-layered canopy which decreases the car temperature to 36 degrees to keep the interior cool. Moreover, the Lanmodo car umbrella is designed for all your open-air activities. It's portable so you can easily fold it into small size and take it wherever you go. With the help of a remote, in under 5 seconds, you can open and close it without any trouble with just a click.

In addition to above features, it's also waterproof, anti-rust, and easy to clean, which means Lanmodo Car Umbrella is not only designed for your summer activities but also you can benefit from during other rainy and other seasons. So stop postponing your fun road trips and adventurous journeys and start planning. Enjoy the fishing, beach, and other outdoor activities with ease and comfort with this extremely useful car umbrella.

  1. Solar Air-conditioner Fan

One of the amazing gadgets which will keep you cool under the flaming weather is Solar Air-conditioner. It is specially designed to protect you from the scorching sun as it takes out heat from the car and refreshes the car with cool breezing air. And unlike the other attic fans, solar fans operate without making any loud noise. You don't even have to worry about the installation of the solar-powered fans because without any wire or structural work you can add it all by yourself.

  1. Coolant

Car breakdown becomes common as the summer season approaches. The sizzling summer temperature can cause a great deal of damage to the car radiator and can overheat the engine. The best way to prevent overheating is by regularly keeping a check on the car's coolant fluid. It protects the car by releasing heat from the engine and keeping it warm enough to run smoothly on the road.

  1. Bugs Spray

Summers are the time of joy but usually, they bring along all kinds of bugs. These tiny inhabitants are capable of ruining your outdoor fun with just one bite. The only way to repel these insects and bugs is by using insecticides. As soon as the summer approaches, add on the bugs repelling spray in your car's emergency kit. You never know when will it come handy and act as a lifesaver for you.

  1. Extra Towel

The summer season is all about beaches. A typical American holiday is incomplete without a beach day. But going to the beach doesn't always mean swimming and diving into the ocean. Most of the people visit it just to relax and ease their mind. However, looking at people can trigger the desire to swim. Hence, always keep an extra towel in your car, especially if you are having a picnic day with kids.

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