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7 Tips for Landscape Designs for Beginners

Mar 6, 2019, 4:35 pm / Abigail Williams

Whether your backyard is in need of a complete fresh look or it is time to plant some new plants, we will offer you a few must-know tips when it comes to backyard landscape design. If this is your first time trying to tackle a landscape design, then the process might seem pretty intimidating to you. However, there are always a few basic rules and principles one must follow while tackling the outdoor space. It is time you style and shape your backyard to transform it into a phenomenal masterpiece.

Beginner tips for landscape design

Start by making a list of the things you want to have in your backyard or the way you wish it would like. Are you planning to grow vegetables? Do your kids need a place to run around and enjoy themselves? Or are you planning to bring your whole family together outside on a patio? There are innumerable ideas that you can try. Play around with the ideas in your head and make it a fun activity when it comes to landscape design.

  1. Have a clear idea about your backyard
  2. You need to study the outside weather conditions first. This involves both the wind patterns and the sun. The topography and size of your backyard will determine the kind of plants you can grow. Your patio should be placed in a way that your family is both comfortable and relaxed as they enjoy the meal. Excessive heat will make it quite impossible to relax. So, plan accordingly.

  3. Do you have a particular theme in mind?
  4. You have to ask yourself several questions when you are looking for backyard ideas. Try to keep the look of the backyard in sync with the architecture of your home. If you have a contemporary style home, then your backyard should never be in contrast to it. Let it be the same. Once you have made up your mind on the kind of theme you want, you can then proceed to check out the several ideas based on that.

  5. There is absolutely no rush
  6. You got to live the idea of having a beautifully designed backyard for a while. Coming to a quick solution and rushing things might have frustrating results which won't end up working in the long run. Check out your whole yard, evaluate each and every inch of the place to understand which spot is best suited for patio or which is the place that can help your plants bloom and flourish. It is also important to create spaces and link them together.

  7. What is your backyard in need of?
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  9. Start small and pay attention to the further details
  10. Is there any reason for you to rush through the process? Absolutely not. Start with an initial idea and see how it works out then proceed forward by making the necessary adjustments and adding finesse to your backyard with time. This way you will get the time to see what works out for your outdoor space.

  11. Focus on both pacing and scaling
  12. When you are a beginner this is going to be the most difficult task in hand, however, you need to follow through it. Pacing and scaling are both very important for your backyard, this will give it a pulled together vibe. There will be a lot of variations in color, shape, and size over time. The tall plants standing beside the flowerbeds or against the wall will look wonderful.

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