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10 Interesting Backyard Activities for the Whole Family

Mar 14, 2019, 9:10 am / Evelyn Smith

The easiest way to improve family bonding and foster love is through spending quality time together. There are a couple of family yard activities that can improve family bond and unity. Playing games with the family can be interesting and fun. Below are 10 backyard activities a family can do together in their free time.

1. DIY Backyard Bowling

Bowling can be a fun family activity to do together. What if you don't have excess cash to spend on a bowling set? You can DIY one yourself. Gather up those used plastic cans, smooth boards, and a nice round ball. Nail those boards together and get the fun started. It mustn't be perfect, however, important is the purpose it serves. The DIY bowling can be easily set up in your backyard.

2. Giant outdoor scrabble

For those who love to go all brainy, you can take some time out and go play a game of giant outdoor scrabble. Take some time to locate one of those outdoor giant scrabbles and start the game. Have a fun and relaxing time with your family.

3. Second-hand market

There are a couple of items around the home we really don't have a need for. They just pile up and take up a lot of space. Why not make out time and set up a backyard market right there in your home? Get everyone one involved in gathering up the items and selling them off at giveaway prices. This can be a good means of raising extra cash and can increase the bond among family members. One item you need for setting up a second-hand market is a large backyard umbrella that is large enough to serve as a stand for your family and your second-hand wares.

4. Play the game of Blind Man's Bluff

The Blind Man's Bluff is a fun game that the whole family can participate in. The Blind Man's Bluff has remained a popular game over the years. It was initially known as adult games but lately, it has become a game that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. However, it should be supervised by adults.

5. Backyard barbecue

Spice up the evening with a nice backyard barbecue. There are quite a number of recipes you can try out with your family. Busy family days will certainly end well over a romantic evening gathering at the backyard. Discuss the day's activity over a serving of pepper spiced barbecue. This simple act is fun and has a way of creating a positive aura around the house.

6. Family baseball game

If your background is large enough, you can arrange for a family baseball game. Family baseball games are fun and easy for everyone to participate. For just a few dollars, you can get the props you need to set up a family baseball game. Have fun and relax with your family. Quality time with the family is always worth it.

7. Tell stories

As a child growing up, it was always fun to have my parents tell me stories outside when the moon is at its fullest. What if you can tell these stories more often at any point in time you want? Gather your family under the Lanmodo yard umbrella and enjoy every bit of the moment telling stories. You're no longer scared of the rain or the sun.

8. Model car race

Gather up a few materials around the house, you don't have to spend so much on this. Make out space in your backyard and create a nice racing track. You may choose to invest in motorized control model cars and let the race begin.

9. Play treasure hunt

Hide those items and get your kids searching. Take turns in hiding and searching. This can be a very fun way to pass the time with your family. It improves family well-being and fosters strong relationships. Think of better ways to spice up the game and make it more fun.

10. Watch movies outdoors

Besides playing games, you can make out time to watch outdoor movies with your family. Outdoor movies can be refreshing and fun. Invest in one of those low-cost projectors and have a good time streaming your favorite movies outside. You can spice the mood up a bit with some cans of soda and packs of popcorn.

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