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Essential Packing List When Going for a Picnic

Mar 13, 2019, 3:48 pm / Evelyn Smith

Picnics are always mesmerizing and fun, it brings us close to nature, our inner self, and our family. Leave behind the hustle bustle of everyday life and bask in the warmth of the sun with your loved ones right way. However, if you are going out on your first picnic there is bound to be a lot of confusion of what to take and what is okay to leave behind. Allow us to help you pack a picnic basket for the perfect family or friends outing. This is the go to picnic packing list for everyone.

Food and beverages

The first rule of carrying food outdoors is to pack a lot of warm food and cold beverages.

  1. Carry sealed bottles of cold lemonade or iced tea along with your favorite kind of sandwiches.
  2. Carry a handful of granola bars to munch on while you are there.
  3. You must also carry some fresh fruit your choice oh snacks. If you are going to be out for long, then make sure to carry food accordingly.


You are bound to need proper tableware while you go out on picnic. The prep work will help you enjoy a delicious yet stress free afternoon.

  1. If you are carrying bottles of soda or other drinks like beer or wine, then don't forget to toss in a corkscrew opener in your bag.
  2. You should carry plastic cups with flat and sturdy bottoms along with portable dishes which are extremely easy to carry outdoor.
  3. In order to wipe your hands while you are out, carry the pre-moistened wipes or wet wipes. This will clean every sticky spills or hands.
  4. If you are eating something that requires seasoning, then carry the basic seasoning ingredients - salt and pepper.
  5. Napkins can blow away with the wind, but paper towels definitely won't. Carry a roll of paper towel for you might need to clean an accidental big spill.
  6. You will obviously be outdoors so serving food is a matter of concern for you, so an enamel tray or lightweight plastic one will offer a smooth and stable surface on which you can serve the drinks or food.
  7. Keep it in your mind that cutlery is very important. You should also have large spoons to serve food. If cheese is present in your food list, then a folding knife and light chopping board is must. This is also required for slicing fruits and sandwiches.

Miscellaneous articles

  1. Go out in the wild and enjoy the beauty that nature has in store with this perfect picnic list, which also prepares the miscellaneous articles needed for a picnic.
  2. Without a proper picnic blanket you will have to sit on the dirt. Carry a blanket that is large enough for the all of you.
  3. Next in line comes the picnic basket. You should carry a picnic basket that will hold all of your food and essential items. This will keep the food hot and delicious for a long time and the soothing cool drinks, cold.
  4. What are you to do if it gets too sunny outside? Shield yourself and your kids or friends from the scorching rays of the sun with a picnic umbrella.
  5. The Lanmodo picnic umbrellais a work of art and you shouldn't miss out on it. From covering every inch of your car with its unbeatable design to transforming into a huge picnic umbrella, it can do it all. The portable and easy folding technology will help you to fit the umbrella easily in the trunk of your car. Rather than getting uncomfortable and hot, one touch button on the wireless remote will help set up this amazing umbrella.

  6. When all is done, and the day is about to come to and make sure to stuff every garbage in the trash bags.

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