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What Night Activities You Can Do with Lanmodo Car Canopy Tent?

Mar 13, 2019, 8:10 pm / Lara

Now you have purchased your car canopy tent from Lanmodo, you should not limit the usage to just the protection of your car from external elements when parking outdoor. There are other amazing ways you can use your Lanmodo car canopy tent to enjoy exciting activities both day and night. The canopy can be converted into a wide range of tents to give you high value for your everyday live. In this article, we will look at some of the night activities that you can use the Lanmodo car canopy for.

Dancing and Singing

When you are ready to turn on the music and let your hair down to enjoy some beautiful and soulful or hard beat music, you don't need to go too far. You can have all the fun right in your home. Turn your Lanmodo car canopy tent into a party tent and have all the fun you want. You don't need to look for an additional tent. All you need is an extra stand to give it a sturdy balance. There is a USB port very close to the suction base where you can plug colorful LED lights to turn the ambience into a real party scene. You can also go ahead to plug your music source to the USB port and enjoy some amazing music. Go ahead to sing and dance to your heart content as you enjoy the fun that Lanmodo car canopy can offer.

Watching Movie

In case you have never thought of it, your Lanmodo car canopy can be transformed into a movie screen with a seamless effort. The inside of the car canopy is made with a silver coating which allows you to enjoy an outdoor film with your friends and loved ones from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose. All you need is a projector to transmit the film to the 'movie screen'. You can seamlessly turn your Lanmodo car canopy into an outdoor family theater or watch a romantic movie with your lover under the starts outside. It is exciting to enjoy the fun and entertainment that this piece of technology offers!

Reading Activities

When camping, there are many exciting activities that you can engage in. One of such activities is reading with your children or reading alone. With the Lanmodo car canopy tent, you can just plug lights into the USB port to illuminate the tent and transform it into a camping tent with side canopies and a stand. You can enjoy a pleasurable reading activity with your children under the soft light and warm shelter that Lanmodo offers you. With this, you don't need to go camping with an additional lamp to provide illumination in the tent. A light bulb plugged into the USB port of the outdoor car canopy will do the magic. It is definitely an experience worth experiencing.

Enjoying Dinner and Sunset on the Beach

Are you planning a trip to the beach anytime soon? Your outdoor car canopy will come very handy! The Lanmodo car canopy tent can be used as a beach umbrella. Interestingly, setting it up is not a difficult task at all. All you need is to assemble it with an adjustable stand and there you have your beach tent ready to be enjoyed. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one and appreciate the wonderful sunset at the same time under the cozy shelter of the canopy. If you are camping with your family members, you can also enjoy a beautiful night out at the beach and watch the sunset in its stunning splendor.

The Lanmodo car canopy is more than just a car canopy to protect your car from external damages. It is a multi-purpose canopy that can be converted into just about any recreational shade. In addition to providing all round protection and four-season protection for your car against snow, hail, acidic rain, hot sunshine, falling objects, and bird droppings, the Lanmodo car canopy can also be used for other entertainment activities. So when you purchase your Lanmodo canopy, know that you are getting more value for your investment.

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