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Safety Tips for Car Travelling with Pet Dog

Aug 15, 2019, 1:47 pm / Brian Lageose

We all love travelling with our pets regardless of where we go. However, very few of us consider it necessary to take care of the safety and security of our pet when on a journey. You might be very well aware of what your dog likes and dislikes, the food he/she eats, but are you aware of how to keep it safe during such occasions? This article will serve as a comprehensive guide on safety tips regarding your pet dogs, what you need to know before embarking on any journey with them and anything that you should consider bringing along.

1. Get it ready for the trip

Oftentimes, new environments cause pets to behave defensively, causing trouble for both the owners and the surrounding people. To avoid such harsh reactions, make sure your dog is always surrounded with the company of those whom he is familiar with. This will make it feel safe and quiet even in the most crowded of areas.

Moreover, if you are planning to travel to another state, consider bringing along the vaccination records of your dog. Some states have made it a mandatory check to ensure that your pet does not carry any contagious disease.

2. Keep it safe and secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier

Crating is one of the most secure ways of looking after the safety of your pet. Though some may consider it cruel to confine their dog in a small space, it is not entirely true. Well-ventilated and spacious (large enough to house the dog comfortably) crates can be the most favorite places of dogs if given at the right time. For example, temporary banishment as a punishment after a naughty behavior may give the labels a psychologically negative nature. But, if crates are used for right purposes such as during travels, they can make your dog feel secure, happy and cared for.

In addition, if you are going on a long journey, it is necessary to ensure that the dogs are kept in a crate. These can then be buckled up to the seat to ensure that their tiny residence doesn't bounce around when bumps intervene on the road.

3. Take a pet-friendly travel kit

Having a pet travel kit is an excellent way to fill your dog's crate with important accessories that will keep it comfortable throughout the journey. You do not necessarily need to buy this as a custom-made kit is a much better and cost-efficient option.

Either way, you should make sure that the travel kit includes a water bottle for your dog, a bunch of absorbent potty pads, some food, a leash and anything else that you might consider necessary.

4. Don't leave your pet alone in a parked car

During summers, the heat of the sun gets trapped inside the car, causing it to easily reach an internal temperature of as high as 100° Celsius. It is very unlikely for anyone, let alone our dogs, to survive in such hotness. An obvious solution to such a problem would be to always find a sheltered parking spot. However, good parking spots are hard to find, let alone one which is covered with a roof. In such situations, it is better to either never leave your pet alone or make use of a car canopy which is strong, durable and protective against the UV rays of the sun. The Lanmodo car canopy has been made to address this very issue. Its durable and flexible design, multi-purpose features, remote-controlled facilities and convenience is what sets it apart from every other similar product. Therefore, if you do have to leave your pet alone, the portable Lanmodo car canopy can serve as an ideal companion for both the vehicle and your dog.

5. Don't allow it to ride with its head outside the window

One of the biggest causes of frightening individual accidents on the road is the misusage of the car windows. We always teach our young children to never let their head or arms out when the car is being driven. The same should go for our pet dogs too as they are more likely to commit to the mistake. An easy way to avoid this problem would be to either keep your dog in crate when the vehicle's windows are open or keep the car air-conditioned when the pet is not confined.

6. Invest in rubberized floor liners and waterproof seat covers if you travel frequently with pet

The floor liners and the seat covers of your vehicle are the most vulnerable to damage and dirt as they are constantly used and exposed to the open air from the windows. Thus, they need to be of good quality and durability along with the allowance of easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance.

If you haven't already bought reliable ones or are still on the search, an ideal choice would be to look for rubberized floor liners and seat covers which are waterproof. Not only are these sturdy, long-lasting and protective against liquids but also easy to take out and clean. They can even work in case your dog relieves itself in the car or accidental leakage of water happens.

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