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Great Activities For Family Camping

Mar 13, 2019, 2:03 pm / Lara

Is it the case that you are missing some family outing for a long time? We understand that these days life is so hectic that we hardly get any time to go for vacation and truly family life hampers. Going for family camping is truly one of the best ways to spend a quality family time. Wondering what best you can do at the popular camping spots? Scroll down to know about some of the great activities.

Fishing by the River

If you are selecting a camping spot close to the river side then fishing can be a wonderful activity to enjoy. Do you know that there are several benefits of fishing? Yes its true:

  1. Develops full body strength involving shoulders, back, arms, core and legs
  2. A great way of developing family bonding and development of sense of security and togetherness in the family
  3. Supports in improving immune system of the body as the Vitamin D sourced from the sun rays soak the body with it and that helps in regulating the absorption process of calcium and phosphorus
  4. Improves the Cardiovascular Health as one need to burn on an average 200 calories per hour, based on the nature of fishing you are involved with
This is not the end of the list as there are many more benefits of fishing which one must experience for a happy and healthy life. You can also take the chance to teach your kids the techniques of doing successful fishing. We recommend you to make use of your car canopy tent to act as a shelter to protect you from sun or rain when fishing since it has this function. Lanmodo car canopy tent can get into the shape of a fishing umbrella easily only if you have already owned one. It is an automatic and portable canopy for use. You can install, open and close it in 30 sec, 8 sec and 8 sec respectively.

Bird Watching

If you are camping in one such location which is close to nature and having breathtaking views to offer then trust us that place will also be the land of beautiful birds. There are so many varieties of birds on this earth we are not aware about and so camping can open up this scope for you to enjoy bird watching and learn about them. It is an activity which brings nature very close to life. It's a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Your kids will also get the scope to learn more about different birds, their habits and habitats. Don't forget to carry your binocular with you as you will need it to spot the parts sitting at the height of bushes and trees.


Again if the spot of camping is close to river side you may get the chance to do some boating activities to get the glimpse of nature and its beauty closely. Here too you get the scope to enjoy enough supply of Vitamin D which is good for your skin and overall wellbeing. It offers the scope to enjoy some quality time with family while riding the boat. Ensure you wear appropriate shoes for boating.

Star Gazing

Camping under the sky at night is one such experience which is truly amazing. You get the scope to know about many stars which are close to earth and reflecting light of the moon on earth. It also creates environmental awareness among kids. If you are in a mood to enjoy stargazing during camping then please carry your binocular or handy telescope to get the clear view of the stars.

Plant Identification

If you are student of botany or you are a botanist by profession then camping will give you scope to know about many plants.You can discover many medicinal plants which are hard to find in normal habitat or city area. You can educate your kids about the plants, its nature and use. This will improve their general knowledge. Carry mosquito bite protection cream with you and wear full sleeves when you search for plants in the dark camping spots.

Are these activities tempting you to go for camping? If yes, plan for a weekend camping trip this week.

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