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Enjoy a Carefree Weekend Picnic With Your Family

Mar 13, 2019, 3:51 pm / Richard

Picnicking is something we all love and long for whenever the weekend approaches. It is the time of the week where reunion with friends and family is made possible, the stressed mind is free from the obligations of the life and attention is diverted towards joyous moments amongst the family members. In order to have the perfect picnic experience, it is of foremost importance to locate the right picnic spot, have delicious food, ensure your SUV is maintained and ready to roll. So, without further ado, let's dive into everything you need to know in order to enjoy carefree weekend picnic experience.

Find a beautiful picnic spot

What's to enjoy if your picnic spot is disturbed by the constant noise of the surrounding urban areas or, worse yet, there's nothing but the wilderness of trees to keep you accompanied? Finding a beautiful and right picnic spot is important to make the time worthwhile since it differs a lot if you're alone, with friends or with family.

If you happen to be a lone adventurer, you will be very well aware of your needs and requirements. If you wish to distance yourself from the daily stresses of life, you may consider more isolated areas to be the perfect place to be with yourself. However, if you are with family or friends, it's important to make sure that everyone's needs and preferences are looked and cared after. For example, it is necessary to ensure that the spot you choose has plane land, a place for you and others (such as children) to relieve themselves and perhaps a beach-like environment. Kids love swimming and when joined by their parents to share the fun, it can become one of the most memorable of picnics.

Take some tableware and tasty food

This is a factor often ignored in utter excitement, yet the most important role player in multiplying the joy. And no, we're not talking about any food but rather delicious food along with tableware to properly and comfortably enjoy everything.

For this cause, always plan in advance for your weekends and make a list of what you may be requiring. If you're accompanied by family with children, then getting some surprises for your children may serve as an excellent surprise to cheer them up.

As for the more matured members of the picnic, throw away the worries of everything and enjoy life with the food that you desire the most and may be avoiding out of fear e.g. of gaining weight etc. If it's a Burger King that spices you up or a cheesy pizza to water your mouth, bring everything along because that's all a picnic is about; enjoyment!

Drive with your SUV

For a proper picnic, a great list of items need to be taken along to ensure memorable and joyous moments. To carry all these, however, you need a decent vehicle of the like of an SUV that is comfortable, sleek, fast and maintained enough to keep the journey pleasant and worthwhile.

Oh, and do not forget to keep your car's gas level refilled. It may be that you wish to explore around if you happen to be picnicking in a scenic area. After all, it's never amusing to see your vehicle stop in the middle of journey.

Use your Lanmodo car canopy tent for shade

Imagine having planned picnic for a weekend only to get disappointed by drizzles of rain or a scorching sun that is angry enough to barbeque anyone under it. Would you disappoint everyone and cancel the plans or find a solution?

The Lanmodo car canopy tent is made to prevent such disappointments and allow you to enjoy any day of the year without having to worry about what's happening above you (rains, sun, hail, etc.) when use it for picnic umbrella. This product is a multipurpose item that not only can protect your car from unnecessary climatic damage and act as a shield against bird droppings, UV rays and much more, also can be transformed into outdoor tent for human protection. With few touches of a remote control button, you can turn this canopy into a picnic tent or a large umbrella that would shade you and your family while you feast upon the tasty meals that you have brought along with you.

Therefore, whenever you go out for picnic, make sure to take along the Lanmodo car canopy. Its foldable design will make it small enough to easily fit inside your vehicle's trunk and its excellent shade and multipurpose features will serve as a bringer of comfort.

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