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7 Steps to Make an Exciting Self-driving Outdoor Camping

Mar 11, 2019, 4:46 pm / Abigail Williams
The perching summer days are all set to bid adieu for the year welcoming the sober, calm and soothing autumn in our life. This gives the clear indication that we are ready to enjoy the nature at its best and the time to go camping has arrived. But before you do so there are few things that you need to take care. So here are the 7 steps to make an exciting self-driving outdoor camping.

Step 1: Monitor the Weather Conditions

What will be the best day to go camping outdoors? Well, definitely a windy and bit sunny day will be the best weather condition for camping.

Step 2:Decide the Destination for Your Camping Trip

It all on you to decide on which location or area you want to explore for this camping session. Adventurous camping can also be a wonderful choice subject to the fact that you have all necessary measures available to you for protection and safety.

Step 3: Plan the Fastest And Safest Driving Route

You need to plan your route ahead of time. You need to decide the safest, fastest and driving friendly route which will save your time and energy and will also prevent accidents. You can take help of Google map to find the best route for the trip. This is important as more the time you save on reaching the spot more will be the time in hand to enjoy the camping experience.

Step 4: Prepare the List of Things You Need

There will be some important things that you need to carry with you for making the camping experience a happening one. Some of the important things that are must to have with you are water cups, anti-mosquito sprays, torch, medicine, dry food, wood for the bonfire, lighter, bedding, sharp weapon for protection from wild animals.

Step 5: Prepare the List of Fun Activities You Want to Enjoy

No camping experience will be entertaining till the time you add some fun activities for the group with which you are traveling. Plan some fun projects to make your journey more memorable.

Step 6: Time to Pack Your Luggage Bag

It will always be advisable to get your bag packing done a bit in advance. This will help you check and recheck quite a many times to avoid missing any important thing. One advice for luggage packing for camping is that don't take unnecessary things or too many clothes. This will create an unnecessary burden for you and the bag will be heavy and you will find it difficult to move.

Step 7: Do not Forget to Take A Good Camping Tent

How you will spend the night at the camping spot? Don't forget to take a camping tent with you. You can collect it from the tent supply companies on rent. If you are finding the tent on rent quite expensive then we will recommend you to make use of your Lanmodo car canopy for a tent if you already have it with you.
Lanmodo car canopy not only protects your car but also can be transformed into a camping tent with 1 stand and other canopies comfortably. You will be surprised to know that it can offer shelter at night to about 6 people and can also be a wonderful outdoor movie theater screen if you have the projector with you.It is equipped with a USB port to charge devices. You can also hold a party at night under this canopy shelter and then enjoy an outdoor movie session with your friends and family. Installation of the canopy is very easy and you can follow the guideline to understand the steps for installation if you are using it for the very first time. The Lanmodo car tent is windproof so even if the camping area experience heavy wind, stay assured as the tent is capable enough to give protection under its roof. It is made of strong fiberglass and that what makes it strong.

So if you were waiting since long to go camping then the time has arrived. Get ready and pack your bags for a wonderful camping experience. Do not forget to take your outdoor car canopy.

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