Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent
The car tent is very useful to shelter my car from the hot sun. Maybe I need a Lanmodo Pro which is more bigger than this one so that I can fully shield my car.
I show one of my car here. I love this car tent and it can also be used on my another Sedan. One Lanmodo suits for various car models.
I just came back from a trip and tested the car tent today. It really helps to decrease the inside temperature of the car when I park it under the sun for some time. Worth buying!
The car tent is sunproof and windproof, no need to worry about anything.
Jonathan Smith
The design of Lanmodo car tent is so cool. Portable to use and very useful for sun protection.
The hot sun won't be a big problem for my car as it is protected by Lanmodo car tent. The car tent likes a big umbrella to shed my car from various elements.
I have tested the car tent on my SUV, now on Mini, obviously it is more suitable as it can cover the whole body of the car.
I ordered 2 car tent from Lanmodo, this is a semi-auto one.
David Brown
The car tent just likes a big umbrella to shelter my car from sunshine and rain. Cool design!
Logan Jones
This is my dad's Jeep, I bought the Lanmodo car tent for him and he loved it.
Perfectly fits my car!
I can use the car tent wherever I park the car. Very convenient!

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