Lanmodo Vast M1: Screen Lens Separated Dual 1080P Automotive Night Vision System
  • 1Power button ”” : When the system is in the operation state, tap the button to turn the screen on/off, press 3 seconds to turn the system off; After turning off the system, tap the button to turn on again.
  • 2Signal switch button ”” : Switch the video source from the front camera to the rear camera (if installed) and vice versa
  • 3Menu ”” : Enter menu page and change settings ( In the menu interface, it can be used as the return button)
  • 4Scroll up ”
  • 5Scroll down ”
  • 6Ok button ”
  • 7Power cable
  • 7.1Power supply
  • 7.2Rear view camera plug
  • 7.3Front camera plug
  • 8Micro SD card slot
  • 9Connect cable of front camera
  • 10Connect cable of front camera
  • 11Mounting holes
1) To save any settings, please press ""again, and then press "" to save the operation.
2) The Micro SD card should be of class 10 that is compatible with SDXC standard.
Vast M1 Connection
Tech Specs of Vast M1
Chip Sony CMOS sensor
Display screen IPS screen / 8 inch
Screen brightness 850cd/M2
Camera lens 7-layer full glass
Image resolution 1920*1080
Pixel 5 mega-pixel
Video resolution 1920*1080
Field of vision 75°
Night vision distance up to 984ft (300m)
Maximum storage capacity 128GB
Continuous recording time 28 hours(witdout rear camera)
14 hours(witd rear camera)
Video format MP4
Operating voltage 12V
Working current 1000mA
Minimum illumination 0.0001Lux
Power rating 12W
Frame rate 25FPS
Working temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Storage temperature -30°C ~ 85°C
Supported languages English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese
Tech Specs of Rear View Camera
Camera lens 6-layer full glass
Image resolution 1920*1080
Field of vision 170°C
Night vision distance 0~20M(66 ft)
Waterproof level IP67
Pixel 5 mega-pixel
  • Lanmodo Vast M1 accepts 12V input voltage, for cars of 24V output voltage, the Vast M1 cannot be connected to OBD for power supply, it must be connected to cigarette lighter with a 24V to 12V voltage converter.
  • When visibility is down to 10 meters in foggy weather, Vast M1 performance will be impacted. It Is not suggested to drive on the road during such weather.
  • Lanmodo Vast M1 adopts low-light imaging technology. It needs faint light like moonlight or street lights to form clear images. It is not recommended to used under totally dark environments.
  • If you find the light shows stretched Vast M1, it means that the camera or your windshield may be dusty, just clean them and it will show clear images.
  • The images of near objects on the screen may not very clear, which is normal, because we set the lens focus point to further for reaching 984 ft view distance.
  • If you have any question about using this product, please follow the instruction manual or contact us at, we will provide timely assistance.
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