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New Features & Real Test of Dual 1080P Vast Pro
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See Through the Darkness Best Driving Companion
Dual 1080P Image in Vivid Color, Keep Safe Driving Along the Way
  • Using low-light imaging technology, Vast Pro will provide drivers with clear and crisp image even in darkness
  • High-resolution front and rear camera simultaneously capture the road view at 1080p high resolution
  • IPS screen presents full-color image and displays the real-time road situation with no lag
Featured with 45° Angle and 984ft Night Vision Distance, Vast Pro Makes Night Driving Easier
  • 45-degree field of view, presents a broader view that is far beyond what your naked eyes can see
  • Up to 984ft (300m) night vision distance, sees much farther than headlights to inform drivers of the road situation in advance
  • Giving you more reaction time to avoid an accident
Keep Safe Driving in Unfriendly Conditions
Real-time Recording of Road Situation Enhance Driving Safety
  • Dual recording of both the front and rear view, max support of 128G, video resolution at 1080P
  • Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest recordings with the newest ones when the storage is full
  • G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage, the locked videos will be kept from being overwritten
Dash Camera with Parking Mode, More Than Road Safety
  • Continuous monitoring can be performed with the OBD power, which has low voltage protection to avoid draining car battery
  • In parking mode, both cameras will automatically start recording once the G-sensor detects collision
  • Capturing clear image during both days and nights to protect your vehicle

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