Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent — Updated Version 2023(Detachable Battery)
Awesome! I can use the car tent wherever I park the car as it is so portable and light weight.
Not bad! My friend recommeded this Lanmodo car tent and I decided to have a try. Just used it for a week. Will update the feedback.
The car cover fits well for my pickup truck, I use it in rainy days, well done!
I attached a 1/2 inch Plexiglas plate to the roof rack to give the tent something to suction to…. worked like a charm
Lanmodo car tent on my car, the length is a perfect fit for my car, like it very much!
Hayden Taylor
I have purchased a night vision from Lanmodo. But I was also attracted by its auto car tent.
A little expensive for me, but it is strong to withstand falling objects and useful to prevent heat buildup on the car.
In fact, I love its multifunctional use than car protection cover. That is really an awesome design!
The Lanmodo car umbrella does easily set up on the roof of the car. Its suction base is steady and won't attrit my car.
Brandon Wilson
The Lanmodo Pro works well in hot day and windy weather as there are 8 windproof straps to fix it to the car.
Nathan Johnson
Cool! This automatic car umbrella is so big and can fully cover my car. It works very well on hot day.
Tristan Moore
Don't want your car get damage from bad weather? Why not get a Lanmodo car tent for it?

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