Lanmodo Barra—Multifunctional Beach Blanket Bag
Very convenient for spring outing, the ropes are also adjustable!
غندير ليه
My wife and I each got one, like it very much!
I received the Lanmodo Barra from my sister as she always knows I love outing and this bag will be my best assistant. Yes, it is, I love the bag and the large blanket.
Got the Lanmodo bag yesterday. It is lightweight and handy.
It must be the best gift I have received. I can use Lanmodo backpack for holding things while use the blanket for picnic and beach. So good!
I came across Lanmodo Barra when I searched online looking for the bags for my 11-year-old boy and girl. I think this bag looks fashionable and my kids love it. The girl loves the red one wihle the boy likes the blue.
Suzie Brown
Just used it for the family picnic yesterday. The waterproof blanket is big enough for 5 people to rest on, and the bag is best for holding some needed things for the picnic.
I like its multifunctional design. I am planning to take it to my company picnic this weekend.
Lucy Johnson
I used this bag from Lanmodo for some days. So convenient for outing.
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